Me, in 13 bullets.

  • Senior communications, marketing, content and business leader.
  • Hands-on digital marketer, who loves mobile, video, social and data.
  • Specializes in organizations with big ideas and messages. I love creating, strategizing and leveraging content.
  • Among my past clients are media, publishing, foundations, associations, universities, nonprofits, hospitals, law firms, consultants and commercial businesses that use content to build audience.
  • Contractor, freelancer or employee. Project-based or full-time. We're in a time when organizations build teams in many different ways and I'm comfortable in all roles.
  • Most recent full-time gig:  Regional marketing director for a daily newspaper chain during its critical evolution into a digital media company.
  • For thirteen years, led the communications, marketing and retention operations of a start-up multimedia publisher of news and information; attained retention rates of 90+ percent and exceeded acquisition-cost benchmarks.
  • With my own agency, prior experience in: marketing and communications for a regional medical center; general management (business, advertising, production and trafficking departments) of a regional magazine company; event management and communications for a prominent U.S. Senate campaign.
  • But always, a writer, particularly strong at making complex information clear and compelling (research, policy, legal, health, regulatory, etc.), and...
  • A creative project manager. On-time, on-deadline, on-budget.
  • University of Pennsylvania, Masters in Government Administration;
    Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service.
  • Lives in Central New Jersey.

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