I’m Tracy W. Meyer, and I’m a communicator, marketer, business leader, and writer.

I'll work hard to be The Growth Fuse for your organization.

I've been a member of the senior leadership team of several organizations. Most recently, I was the regional marketing director for a daily newspaper chain, helping it to evolve into a digital media company.

I directed the marketing and corporate communications of an investor-funded multimedia news business from start-up to sale.

I've worked as a writer, marketer, communications project manager and independent team leader for organizations including growing law firms and professional consultancies, as well as for larger enterprises, including a regional hospital, a national health care policy foundation, a prominent political campaign, and a company providing content, services and technology to the Fortune 500.

I like working with organizations with big ideas and stories to tell. I love content--strategizing, creating and leveraging it. And I'm eager to work with you. 

These are demanding—yet exhilarating—times for a marketing and communications team. 

  • Communications tools are more powerful than ever, with data, mobile, video, social and personalization revolutionizing marketing and communication practices.
  • The relationship between individuals and brands is evolving. We need to leverage the power of creating communities, whether we call those communities audiences, customers, users, members, employees, or donors. (When people become a part of your community, they're invested and engaged. And they usually stick around for a while.) 
  • Nearly every organization is—or should be—a content publisher.
  • The hardest transitions may be the internal transitions within and surrounding the marketing effort.

 I have hands-on experience with all of these dynamics.

I love to work at the junction of creativity and analysis, bringing energy and rigor so that communications are fresh and powerful and effective.

I have the broad range of skills needed to leverage digital and traditional communications channels to support your goals. With business, operational, creative, and content experience in corporate and marketing communications, news and information publishing, and agile, entrepreneurial organizations, I can:

  • Set strategy, develop plans, and lead implementation on a full range of marketing and communications initiatives, involving legacy, web, social and mobile channels.
  • Help your organization use content to create, reach, and retain your communities and establish sustainable systems for making and managing content.
  • Work with news and information publishers to support sustainable business models. 
  • Help take high-level communications projects from “We really need to be working on this!” to “Done!” (I have many years of experience leading internal and external teams from across an organization to develop and execute projects.)
  • Tell your story.


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